Upholstery Cleaning


Keep your couch and chairs looking and feeling their best!

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Fall in Love with Your Upholstery again


Although most people clean their carpet throughout the year, some people NEVER get their sofas and chairs cleaned. Gross! Imagine all the dust and allergens your carpet can collect in between treatments. Just think how much dust and germs your favorite sectional couch has held on to over the years!

Keep your couch and chairs looking and feeling their best!

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No 'Harsh or Unsafe' chemicals used

We ONLY Use THE Best Products

We understand that your furniture was probably not cheap! We use only the SAFEST chemicals to treat your upholstery. As with all our services, not only do we clean with utmost care, we treat your carpet tile and furniture as if we were cleaning our own houses, and treat you, the customer, like family.

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KEY Benefits of the Service

That Feel Good Carpet Clean
Upholstery Sectional Couch Cleaning
Recliner Cleaning Service
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That 'Feel Good' Clean

Elite Upholstery Cleaning

We work with homeowners as well as business owners to bring back their furniture from the brink of despair.  Your comfy couch or chair needs some TLC.  We only use the finest of cleaners to ensure that it keeps its coloring and comes out smelling awesome.  All of our cleaners are environmentally friendly and pet friendly.  We understand that your furniture is important to you and do our best to use the proper cleaners to get the desired results. 

The life of your mattress really depends about how it’s cared for. Before the padding wears out, people will replace stain-ridded mattresses paddings due to lack of care, cleanliness. We spend more time on our mattresses than any other piece of furniture. That allows dead skin cells and debris to accumulate over time deep into the layers of the mattress and cause smelly odors to permeate. Not very good stuff to breathe in while you sleep. 

Spots and stains are no match for us.  We have worked with some of the toughest spots to have them lift with ease.  If you know what the stain is, let us know, otherwise, we might do some testing to determine which method is best to get that spot removed.

We want our clients happy.  This is why we take the time to explain everything.  Once your fabrics and upholstery are cleaned we then apply a layer of Scotchguard that will further protect the fabric. This will add protection so those spills will wipe up easier and not set in as fast. 

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